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Home Depot -  Armitage Entrance & N. Cicero

Home Depot -  N Kimball & W Addison

by both Kimball entrance and exits

North Pulaski at West Argyle
by Hot Dog Stand

Below are the locations where the men assemble from 6:30 am to 11:00 am in
hopes of finding work.

Many of the men were skilled tradesmen in their home countries and can perform a variety of services at your home or business. 

The prevailing wage for unskilled labor is $15 /hour, and for skilled labor $18/ hour and up. 

Please agree on payment prior to commencing a job. 

N. Milwaukee Ave & W Belmont

By Burger

W Lawrence & N Pulaski

across from Chase Bank

North Pulaski at West Foster
at entrance Gampers Park

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