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Working with Dr. Kevin Carney of the Chicago Board of Health, we facilitated mobile vaccination sites to assist in the fight against COVID-19 for over 200 men.



Monday through Saturday we distribute food, clothing, and toiletries to men seeking jobs at six sites. Click here for a list of these sites.

When necessary, we provide information or referrals to other social services such as medical clinics, food pantries, and shelters.


Work Necessities

Sturdy work shoes are required at many work sites. NSLP finds and distributes proper footwear. The odds of a worker being hired is improved if they have tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and drill with bits. We provide the men with these basic tool kits. In the winter, we also provide them with snow shovels.

A $32 check to NSLP can buy a pair of boots or drop your hiking or construction boots at Mories Accounting - 1917 N Kedzie Ave. 7 evenings a week (camera)   



NSLP has successfully advocated for workers who have not been compensated with the rightful wages. We have also provided support for workers injured on the job, or with landlord/tenant disputes



When funding is available, we provide men with bus passes and coach them on how to use the CTA. We also have provided refurbished bicycles for closer transportation. 
90% of our recipients do not drive and many do not live within two miles of a food pantry. 

Drop your used male bike to 1917 N. Kedzie Ave. (Gangway) or call for pick up (312) 343-0804


Education and training

Education and training are key elements of NSLP's outreach. We help men to prepare resumes, document work, prepare bids and receipts, and learn how to build a successful business. We also provide referrals for ESL and GED Classes.

We also collect tools so clean your garage and deliver them to Jesus at 1936 N Kedzie Ave. (Tuesdays and Sundays) 

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